Laser Therapy


Below you'll find options for Laser Therapy session packages. Choose from the options below by clicking the button. Once you've paid, schedule your first treatment!

5 Treatments


Perfect for acute injuries.

  • Free Consultation

  • 5 treatments

  • 4 weeks to use sessions

  • Great for sports injuries and non-invasive surgeries

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30 Minute Session


Treat multiple areas of the body with our signature session.

  • 30 minute treatment

  • Great for multiple areas or max penetration in a single area

  • 15 days to use your session

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15 Minute Session


In a hurry? Get in and out quickly.

  • 15 minute treatment

  • Great for a single area

  • 15 days to use your session

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10 Treatments


Perfect for surgeries and chronic pain.

  • Free Consultation

  • 10 treatments

  • 8 weeks to use sessions

  • Great for trauma, fractures, orthopedic or plastic surgeries

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Kristen Cheng
    My post-surgical treatment with Ellen made my recovery so much easier! My plastic surgeon was amazed how quickly I was healing.
    Kristen Cheng
  • Kellye Patzer
    I would highly encourage anyone suffering from any type of trauma, injury, or pain to contact Elite Laser Austin today!
    Kellye Patzer
  • Plastic Surgery Client
    After JUST ONE session my pain relief was immediate, and the results have lasted.
    Plastic Surgery Client
  • Plastic Surgery Client
    The redness and inflammation was remarkably reduced after each session I had and the scars have already faded so much!
    Plastic Surgery Client