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Get quick relief from athletic injuries with the same technology trusted by the NFL, MLB, PGA, NBA, and more. It doest't matter if you're a professional athlete or simply playing for fun on the weekends, we can help you heal 2x - 4x faster from injuries so you can get back to your game.

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Phoenix Thera-Lase

Laser Therapy for Athletes

Laser therapy is a highly effective modality of healing and recovery for any athlete who wants to heal or recover faster from soft tissue injuries or surgeries. Laser light helps to reduce inflammation and pain around an injury or surgical site and helps accelerate the healing of the injured tissues by introducing light energy in the form of photons at the cellular level which starts a complex chemical cascade within the mitochondrial respiration chain. This activates ATP production, vasodilation and increased circulation, initiates fibroblast activation which leads to collagen synthesis (a key protein needed for cellular repair and regeneration), a release of NO and endorphins, and many other benefits. What that all points to is accelerated healing for athletes so they can get back into training faster. As they say, time is money, and when you are paid to perform, every moment injured matters.

Whether you are a high school athlete looking to get recruited or a professional sidelined by an injury, laser therapy can be a valuable asset to speed your healing and recovery by 2-4x.

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The Phoenix Thera-Lase system is used by:

The Utah Jazz

The New Orleans Penguins

The Phoenix Suns

Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets

Georgia Tech

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Atlanta Falcons

Dr. Martin O’Malley

Unbreakable Performance

House of Athlete